the parents


Đorđe D. Sibinović
"The Parents, a short fragmented novel in which the events are presented chronologically, features a simple story in which a young girl, Milanka, gets pregnant by rape. In order to avoid embarrassment and social stigma, her parents give her newborn child to another family. The boy grows up not knowing the truth about his roots. Milanka also gets on with her life, picking up where she left off on that fateful day. Her son finds out about his mother, he sets off to look for her, but dies on his way to see her, and they never meet."Milica Milenković "Đorđe Sibinović had the courage to take the road less traveled that Béla Hamvas long ago identified as the search for the original lie. Hamvas said that he noticed that something was wrong in humanity, so he went back in time to see where the paradigm of the truth of human life, fate, and destiny refracted. Going into the past, he followed the line of the great delusion of the European man, not knowing the basic truth – that this original lie did not happen in an epoch outside of us, but precisely within us. All the authors and writers who have the strength, the will, and the talent, in the first place, to go down that path and to explore the line of original lie, will eventually come up with such a concise and painful book."Petar V. Arbutina