tesla a portrait with masks


Vladimir Pištalo
Prelepo napisano, neizmerno zabavno i zapanjujuće originalno na način na koji Vladimir Pištalo priča priču o čoveku za koga su govorili da je „izmislio dvadeseti vek“. Tesla, portret među maskama (Tesla: A portrait with masks) sada i na engleskom jeziku!

“Beautifully written, immensely entertaining, and astonishingly original in the way it tells the story of a man who they used to say ‘invented the twentieth century,’ but whose life is still an enigma, Tesla: A Portrait with Masks has the richness, the high jinks and the originality of such modern classics as Günter Grass’s The Tin Drum and Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.” – Charles Simic

“Much has been written about Nikola Tesla, but Vladimir Pištalo’s extraordinary and profoundly original novel manages to tell us something entirely new — not only about the brilliant ‘mad-genius’ inventor but also about the ways in which literature and the imagination can transform biography into great art.” – Francine Prose

“Tesla is a profoundly absorbing meditation on the early, defining years of the modern age. Vladimir Pištalo has drawn a lightning-etched portrait of a genius as powerful, as transformative and as mysterious as electricity itself.” – Ken Kalfus