second body


Milorad Pavić
Milorad Pavić’s „Second Body” will for some readers be a love story spanning 4 centuries, and for some a pious novel about the second body of Christ. In any case a proclamation of some important things in life and after it. Two amorous couples in the 18th century and two couples in the 21th century are searching for the second body of Christ and the second body of man. The couples from the 18th century live in Venice and Szentendre (Hungary), and those from the 21th century live all over, from Paris to Belgrade. This ″metaphysical thriller”, this love story and new reading of the Bible, speaks, among other things, of what Christ was told on the Mountain by the Angel as he comforted Him before the crucifixion, of where Christ went after his rising from the grave, and which body He had at the time.